Chicken Manure Organic Fertilizer production line


Material: Carbon Steel Q235/Alloy

Voltage: 220v/380v/415v/440v/480v(50Hz/60Hz)

Capacity: 1.0-20.0 t/h


Technical characteristics

Poultry manure such as chicken manure, pigeon manure, goose manure and quail manure is an excellent organic fertilizer. The nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium contents in chicken manure were 1.63%, 1.54% and 0.085%, respectively. Chicken manure must be completely decomposed with a decomposer before use, by which the parasites, their eggs and infectious bacteria are inactivated and deodorized.

Performance characteristics of chicken manure production line:

High-efficiency compound bacteria and its propagation technology.
Advanced raw material mixing technology and biological fermentation system.
High-quality fertilizer formula (flexibly design formula according to local soil and crop characteristics)
Reasonable secondary pollution (exhaust gas, odor) control technology.
Complete sets of processing equipment and design and manufacturing technology

Performance Parameter

Process parameters of chicken manure production line:

Raw material selection → drying and sterilization → ingredient mixing → granulation → cooling screening → measuring and packaging → finished product storage.

First, put organic raw materials (livestock manure, house manure, dead wood and rotten leaves, biogas residue, waste breeding) into the semi-fermented wet material mixer. The second is to add elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (pure nitrogen, phosphorus pentoxide, potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, etc.) to make it meet the requirements of mineral element content. Again, put them in a blender and blend. Then add them to the granulator. Finally, it goes through the process of drying, screening and packaging. If the product is unqualified, put it back into the granulator

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