Process flow of organic fertilizer production line

22 Dec , 2020

1. Ground turning machine, or trough turning and throwing machine. The ground turning machine does not need to build a trough. Using trough fermentation, according to your production scale, you need to build 1-5 fermentation tanks with a width of 3 meters and a length of 40-60 meters. The fermented material is continuously put into the fermentation tank, and the flipping machine is used for flipping fermentation, which can adjust the water content. And the purpose of stirring evenly to deodorize and dehumidify, so that a lot of labor can be saved. It can also achieve the purpose of fully decomposed.

Sok nő szereti ezt a jelentést, hogy képes legyen szabályozni a behatolás és a sebesség szögét. A pozíció maximális kitermeléséhez térdre maradjon, vegye előre, majd lassan és óvatosan térjen vissza lovegra nőknek vissza. Allora non solo avrai una stimolazione eccellente del clitoride senza alcuno sforzo, ma anche, forse, troverai il misterioso punto G. La velocità aumenta gradualmente, concentrandosi sui loro sentimenti. Egy másik lehetőség kerül a partnert az élénk penilgyűrűre. Biztosan sokféle órái lesz!

2. Forklift. Use a forklift to move the fermented organic fertilizer to the semi-finished product stacking area, which is convenient for handling the fermented organic fertilizer thrown by the turner every day.

3. Drum screening machine. The fermented organic fertilizer is sieved, and the large pieces and debris fibers are sorted out, which is convenient for the next step of crushing and granulating the semi-wet material.

4. Crusher. The large debris and stones in the sieved organic fertilizer are sorted out and then crushed, which is both beautiful and can ensure the quality of the product.

5. Horizontal mixer. The pre-mixing of the sieved and crushed organic fertilizer can ensure the stability of the product quality, and at the same time, it also plays a role of mixing when adding fertilizers and trace elements for the production of special fertilizers and various compound fertilizers.

6. Granulator. The material is pulverized and stirred for granulation.

7. Dryer, cooler. The prepared granules are dried and cooled.

8. Packaging machine, granulating organic fertilizer granules for direct packaging and sales.