Malaysia Spiral Turning Organic Fertilizer Production Line

09 Apr , 2022

Malaysia Spiral Turning Organic Fertilizer Production Line

The screw turner is suitable for the fermentation and turning of organic wastes such as stored manure, mushroom residue, sludge garbage, sugar mill filter mud, straw sawdust and so on. It overcomes the limitation of width and depth of traditional trough turners. The depth of turning can reach 1.6 meters and the width is 12 meters, which greatly improves the space utilization rate. The improved double-axis reverse spiral motion has the functions of turning, stirring and oxygenating, improving the fermentation rate, rapidly decomposing the compost, preventing the generation of odor, greatly saving the energy consumption of oxygenation and shortening the fermentation time.

Main Equipment:

The new double-screw turner for organic fertilizer equipment includes a traverse device, a walking device, a turning device, and an electric control device. The frame body is welded by standard square steel and I-beam, which is more firm. The turning device includes a hydraulic device that controls the lifting of the screw rod, a motor that provides screw power, a gearbox device and a double screw rod. The rotation direction of the double screw rod is opposite, the blades have overlapping parts, the stirring is more sufficient, and the material is more crispy. The spiral blade is made by professional manufacturers at one time, the shape is more regular, the blade gradually thickens from the outside to the inside, and the rotation resistance is smaller.

The hydraulic lifting device drives the hydraulic oil by the hydraulic pump, and controls the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder through the electromagnetic reversing valve to realize the lifting and lowering of the screw rod. Two sets of check valves are installed in the hydraulic oil circuit, so that the screw rod is locked by the hydraulic oil after reaching a specific position Die, there will be no bias. The gearbox is designed by our company and then delivered to professional processing manufacturers. The transmission gear is more wear-resistant after heat treatment. The box body is equipped with an oil inlet and an oil outlet, which is more convenient to use.