What role does the fighter elevator play in the organic fertilizer production line

06 Jan , 2022

What is a Fighter Lift?

Bucket elevator is a conveying equipment for vertically lifting materials, which is used for vertical conveying of granular and powdery materials such as fertilizer, grain, food, feed, mining industry, etc. Bucket elevator has the characteristics of small footprint, high lifting height, large conveying capacity, high conveying efficiency, low power consumption, simple structure, low maintenance cost, stable operation, wide application range and good sealing performance.

Bucket elevator is suitable for lifting from low to high. After the supplied material is put into the hopper through the vibrating table, the machine automatically runs continuously and transports upwards. The conveying speed can be adjusted according to the conveying volume, and the lifting height can be selected as needed. The hopper is designed and manufactured by ourselves. The PP non-toxic hopper makes this type of bucket elevator more widely used. All sizes are designed and manufactured according to actual needs. Machine, computer measuring machine design, suitable for the lifting and feeding of food, medicine, chemical industrial products, screws, nuts and other products, can control the automatic stop and start of the machine through the signal recognition of the packaging machine.

Bucket elevator is a continuous conveying machine that uses a series of hoppers evenly fixed on the endless traction member to vertically lift materials. The bulk material is transported vertically inward and upward. It is divided into three types: ring chain, plate chain and belt.