Vertical Disc Fertilizer Mixer


Model: SZPJ-1600/SZPJ-1800/SZPJ-2000/SZPJ-2200/SZPJ-3000

Power: 7.5kw/15kw

Material: Various materials

Application: Fertilizer processing, chemical industry, metallurgy,mining, building materials and other industries


Technical characteristics

Disc mixers are mainly used for mixing raw materials in fertilizer and feed production processes. It can also be used for mixing raw materials in various production occasions, such as stirring fertilizers, feeds, powders, whole grains, etc. Raw material mixing in chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials and coatings industries. The internal parts of the vertical disc mixer are all made of high-quality materials, which have high wear resistance, are not easy to stick to materials, and have a particularly long service life, which is incomparable with domestic similar products.

The composition and advantages of the disc mixer:

The disc mixer is mainly composed of a stirring plate, a discharge port, a stirring arm, a frame, a gear box and a transmission mechanism. It is characterized in that the output shaft end of the reducer drives the stirring main shaft to make it run. The stirring shaft drives the stirring teeth to fully stir and mix the materials. The mixer has long service life, energy saving, small size, fast stirring speed, and can work continuously, which is especially suitable for the use of urban and rural construction projects.

Performance Parameter
Model Overall size(mm) Height of Disk disk edge(mm) Disk Diameter(mm) Power(kw) Reducer model Spindle speed(r/min)  Thickness of main body plate(mm) Bottom plate thickness(mm) Capacity(t/h)
SZPJ- 1600 1600* 1600*1800 400 1600 7.5 BLD15- 87 16 5 8 2-4
SZPJ- 1800 1800* 1800*1800 400 1800 7.5 BLD15- 87 16 5 8 3-5
SZPJ- 2000 2000* 2000*1800 400 2000 7.5 BLD15- 87 16 5 8 4-6
SZPJ- 2200 2200*2200*1850 400 2200 7.5 BLD15- 87 16 5 8 6-8
SZPJ- 3000 3000* 3000*2000 400 3000 15 XLD9- 87 16 5 8 8-12
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