The solution to the failure of the biological organic fertilizer tumble dryer

2022-03-29 14:51:07

15 solutions to the failure of the tumble dryer of biological organic fertilizer equipment.

1. The material of the tumble dryer does not meet the specified moisture requirements.
A simpler way to solve this situation is to first control the production capacity of the tumble dryer equipment, and then increase or decrease the amount of heat supplied.

2. There is a loud noise in the tumble dryer.
The reasons for this situation can be divided into two categories, namely, the material in the tumble dryer is blocked and the temperature of the dryer is too high, causing fire inside the equipment. When the material is blocked, we need to stop the machine immediately for cleaning, and to prevent this from happening, we need to do a good job in the daily maintenance of the equipment. When the temperature of the dryer is too high, we need to reduce the fuel supply, so as to reduce the temperature of the equipment to meet the production requirements.

3. The rolling ring swings to the cylinder.
This phenomenon occurs because the side of the concave joint of the rolling ring is not tightened. The solution is to tighten it a little, but it cannot be too tight, as it is prone to accidents.

4. The finished material after drying cannot be discharged normally.
The reason for this phenomenon is that the installation of the tumble dryer does not meet the specifications, and the air leakage causes low wind pressure. This problem can be said to be easy and difficult to solve. It is easy because the problem can be found only by checking according to the drawings to solve this kind of failure. The difficulty is because to solve this kind of problem, it takes a lot of manpower to reinstall the dryer.

5. The gap between the large gear and the pinion of the tumble dryer is destroyed.
There are generally three reasons for this situation, one is the wear of the supporting wheel, the other is the wear of the stop wheel, and the third is the wear of the pinion. The way to solve this situation is to first analyze whether the wear is serious. If it is serious, it should be replaced. If it is not serious, just turn it and install it on the reverse side. If you are afraid of its instability, you can replace it in pairs. new.

6. The material in the tumble dryer catches fire.
This fault should be said to be a relatively complex fault, and there are four reasons for this phenomenon to occur. One is that the specifications of the tumble dryer equipment do not meet the requirements. The equipment is small but there are many materials to be dried. When the temperature is forcibly increased, the materials will catch fire. At this time, we need to change the drying equipment. One is that there is a problem with the design principle of the drying equipment, and it is recommended that the manufacturer replace or modify the drying equipment. One is that the raw materials cannot be sucked away, causing fire in the dryer. Here we need to check whether the drying equipment is installed correctly, whether it leaks or increases the wind pressure. The fourth is the improper use of drying equipment, we must learn the correct use method according to the instruction manual of the dryer.

7. The drum of the drum dryer equipment vibrates.
There are generally two reasons for this. One is that the connection between the supporting wheel device of the equipment and the base is damaged. In this case, it only needs to be corrected and strengthened; the other is that the side of the rolling ring is worn, The way to solve this kind of small fault is to solve it according to its wear condition. If it is not serious, it only needs to be turned. If it is serious, it will be replaced.

8. The dryness and wetness of the finished material after drying is uneven.
This situation generally occurs because the material solidifies into a group, and we must first disperse the agglomerated material before drying. At the same time, we must also pay attention to the correct use of the dryer.

9. The fuel waste of the tumble dryer is serious. This situation generally occurs because the thermal insulation of the material is not good enough. We can increase the thermal insulation material to improve this situation. Of course, this may also be a design problem, so we must be cautious when choosing tumble dryer equipment.

10. The chimney of the separator is discharged.
This is mostly because the separator is too small, and there may be problems in the design of the separator, and the calculation of the wind pressure of the wind network is wrong. These all require us to replace or modify the separator.

11. Drying the wet material once cannot meet the production requirements.
The possible reasons for this are that the tumble dryer is too small, the tumble dryer is improperly used, the wind pressure of the air network, and the flow calculation is wrong. If the size of the dryer is not enough, we will replace the tumble dryer; if it is used improperly, we must refer to the instructions. We have already introduced these before, and will not repeat them here. What we want to say is that when the wind pressure of the wind network and the flow calculation are wrong, we must ask the dryer manufacturer to recalculate the wind pressure, and then change the flow according to the actual situation.

12. A section of the dryer cylinder is inserted into the mixing chamber of the combustion chamber. The cylinder and the feeding pipe are in direct contact with the gas and are easily burned out. At present, the following measures are often used: 1) Add a casing outside the feeding pipe , cooled by water; 2) In order to facilitate the replacement of the burnt cylinder, the cylinder of the hot section can be designed as a detachable structure. When the end cylinder needs to be replaced, the adjacent second short cylinder can be removed first, so as to smoothly exit the required first cylinder and reassemble as required; 3) The hot section of the cylinder is protected by heat-resistant cast iron The mouth ring, with a length of about 1.2-1.5m, is inlaid with refractory bricks to prolong the life of the part.

13. The vibration machine of the drum dryer is faulty.
After screening, the materials such as the raw material silo of the tumble dryer are transferred to the electromagnetic vibration chute, also due to the factors of different materials and moisture, coupled with the high humidity of the air flow from the bottom to the top in the tumble dryer, the same The phenomenon that the material sticks to the step plate of the vibrating chute will occur. As the accumulated material continues to increase, the load of the electric vibration machine will become larger and larger, and it is easy to cause mechanical failure of the motor, especially in the drying process of large moisture and small particle size of lead and zinc. When the slag and sulfuric acid slag are removed, the drying system can hardly operate normally. The corresponding measures we took are: 1) Increase the inclination angle of the electromagnetic vibration chute; 2) Open 4 slits of 5cm×12cm on the step board of the electromagnetic vibration chute (pay attention to the seam between the previous step board and the next step board) must be staggered). After the improvement, the material accumulation phenomenon of the vibrating chute is eliminated, and the load of the electric vibration machine is reduced.

14. The current detection operation failure of the tumble dryer.
The first thing we have to do is check the fan and look at the tumble dryer ammeter. Generally, the current of the 1#-8# fan is 20-22A, and the current of the 9#-28# fan is about 18A. If it is lower than this range, it is necessary to check whether the fan vibrates greatly, the belt is loose or the belt is broken, and the fan can be adjusted without stopping. Belt, or stop the fan to replace the belt, or add bearing lubricating oil, so that the tumble dryer fan can run normally. If the bearing is loose or damaged, it must be recorded and notified to the daily shift for processing.

15. The sealing ring of the tumble dryer is faulty.
The original hot end sealing structure of many dryers is a cast iron sealing outer ring fixed on the frame of the boiling furnace, and the built-in “T”-shaped fixed sealing ring and the dynamic sealing flange of the fixed cylinder form a labyrinth seal. Frequent failures are very intuitive: the tumble dryer has been running for many years, and the head cylinder, that is, the sealing device, will cause multiple cracks at the end of the tumble dryer due to long-term high temperature and temperature changes in startup and shutdown. Deformation, the cast iron overall retaining ring in the cylinder will also be broken, the dynamic seal flange will fall off and the “T” shaped fixed seal will be bitten to death, and the outer cast iron seal outer ring will also be crushed.