Static Batching Machine


Production Capacity: 1-6t/h

Applicable Materials: Raw materials of fertilizer

Application Range: Fertilizer batching


Technical characteristics

When it is necessary to quantify the raw materials in the production of chemical fertilizers, the static parallel batching machine is used. The machine is mainly composed of feeding system, weighing device, silo and conveyor belt; it has a high degree of automation and can only be fed manually. This machine greatly saves time and production cost, and conforms to national measurement standards.

The static batching machine is composed of multiple scales. The control method is usually intermittent feeding and static measurement, that is, the batching starts to start all feeding electric vibration machines, and the computer performs dynamic monitoring at the same time. When the measured value of a scale reaches the feeding set value, the feeding is stopped. After all scales stop feeding, the whole feeding process ends, and this period is T1. In order to improve the measurement accuracy, after a period of time delay T2, the scale body is relatively stationary, and then the scale is statically measured. After the measurement, the computer controls all the discharging electric vibrators to discharge the material at the same time. The discharging process is similar to the feeding process. The computer still performs dynamic monitoring, and the discharging time is T3. In order to reduce the error, a period of time T4 is also delayed after the discharge is completed, and then the static measurement is carried out. So far, one batching cycle of the batching system is over, and the next batching cycle can be started. The cycle is: T=T1+T2+T3+T4.

The system includes the whole process of raw material feeding and conveying, automatic distribution, formula selection, automatic batching, and uniform mixing.
1. Wide range of applicable materials: automatic batching of granules, powders and liquids can be realized, and the formula can be combined and selected arbitrarily;
2. Wide range of applicable formulas: The system can realize automatic production for quantitative batching and continuous weighing batching of batch or small amount of materials;
3. The weighing and measuring methods are diversified. According to the different characteristics of the materials and the addition requirements, different feeding methods and measuring methods (static and continuous methods) are selected to ensure the batching accuracy;
4. It has the advantages of high efficiency, compact layout, small footprint, high degree of automation, and good sealing and dust removal effect;
5. With powerful report function, it can record and store various data reports in large quantities to ensure the correctness and integrity of production reports;
6. Provide a historical data query system, which can query the batching parameters in any time period under authorization, and provide a printing function, which can print the batching parameters in any time period under authorization.

Performance Parameter
Model Power(kw) Voltage(V)
SZ1000*1000 5.5 380
SZ1200*1200 5.5 380
SZ1500*1500 5.5 380
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