Powder organic fertilizer production line process

08 Apr , 2022

Powder organic fertilizer production line process

Main equipment:

The raw materials are mixed and mixed by a turning and throwing machine, followed by a pulverizer, grading sieve screening, automatic packaging machine packaging and other equipment, and the powdered organic fertilizer can be put into storage and sold.

Production Process:

(1) The ratio of raw materials per ton is 500 kg of cow dung + 300 kg of duck manure + 200 kg of bacterial residue + 50 g of fermentation bacteria. (The above cow dung and duck dung can be replaced by other animal dung) (2) Composting: According to the above-mentioned raw material ratio, stack it as needed, the length is not limited, the width is 2-3m, and the height is about 1m. During the composting process, the materials need to be stacked evenly layer by layer. (3) Add strain: expand the bacterial residual volume of the strain in a ratio of 1:5 (the purpose of this is to dilute the strain and distribute it evenly. For example, one kilogram of strain can be mixed with five kilograms of wheat bran or rice husk meal. ), after stirring evenly, sprinkle on the surface of the piles according to the number of piles. (4) Turnover fermentation: Under normal circumstances, we will use the organic fertilizer composter to evenly plough the stacking material, and at the same time achieve the purpose of ventilation and oxygen supply. When the temperature rises above 55°C, we will turn the heap every 1-2 days, and then put the heap well after fermenting for 10-15 days above 55°C. (The purpose of turning the heap is to promote the evaporation of water and oxygen into compost, and to promote the rapid reproduction and fermentation of bacteria.) (5) Screening treatment. Fermentation is thick according to the above steps, and pure powdered organic fertilizer is obtained after sieving. At this time, the large pieces of organic fertilizer left by the screening still need to be crushed before packaging. (6) Broken. The sieved residue is processed by an organic fertilizer pulverizer to obtain powdered organic fertilizer. (7) Packaging. Purely crushed powdered organic fertilizers are directly packed with automatic packing scales.