How to use the self-propelled composting and fermentation turner correctly?

11 Feb , 2022

The composting and fermentation turner has advanced technology and compact structure. It adopts a unique pool-type continuous aerobic fermentation technology, and uses some beneficial microorganisms to promote the rapid decomposing of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure. Sterilization and deodorization, to achieve the purpose of harmless, resourceful and reduction treatment, short fermentation period (7-8 days), low energy consumption and stable product quality.

How to use the self-propelled composting and fermentation turner correctly:

1. For the sake of safety, all tracks of the composting fermentation turner must be grounded. The compost turning field must be flat and solid, and there should be no concave and convex surfaces greater than 50mm in the operating area. The length is not limited, and the width should ensure that the machine can be turned around.

2. The raw fertilizer to be turned and mixed should not be more than 2000mm wide and 800mm high, and should be stacked in a straight line.

3. The power supply must be cut off when replacing the trunking or cables.

4. When lifting and hoisting, you must pay attention to observation at all times to prevent the drum from being placed too low and damage the blades, and to prevent pulling too far and damaging the hoisting shaft and bearing seat. When part of the hoisting wire rope is broken or hairy, the wire rope should be replaced in time.

It is imperative to use organic fertilizers in the soil, but only the correct use of the composting fermentation turner can quickly increase the soil organic matter, improve the soil permeability, relieve soil fatigue, improve the buffer capacity of the soil, and provide a good environment for the growth of vegetables. The organic fertilizer fermented by the composting fermentation turner can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also increase the organic matter in the soil, promote the reproduction of microorganisms, improve the physical and chemical properties and biological activity of the soil, and its fertilizer effect lasts longer!