Flat Die Granulator


Model: SZPM200/SZPM300/SZPM400/SZPM500/SZPM800

Power: 11kw/15kw/30kw/55kw/132kw

Material: Animal waste, plant branches and leaves.

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Technical characteristics

The flat die granulator does not need to add any water when working, it belongs to the equipment of dry in and dry out. Compressed and compacted products that meet the needs of biomass energy regeneration. Lighting electricity can be used as the driving force, and the granulation can be easily adjusted by pressing out of the die hole under the pressing of the pressing roller.

The flat die granulator is mainly suitable for the granulation of coarse fibers, such as sawdust, rice husks, cotton stalks, cottonseed husks, weeds and other crop straws, household garbage, waste plastics and factory wastes, low adhesion rate and difficult to form. Material granulation, briquetting, rod making, and also suitable for low-temperature granulation of biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc.

The working principle and advantages of the flat die pellet machine:

The flat die granulator is driven directly by a motor and a hard tooth surface reducer, with stable rotation and low noise. The feeding depends on the gravity of the material to avoid blockage. The speed of the main shaft is about 60rpm, and the linear speed of the pressing roller is about 2.5m /s, which can effectively remove the gas in the material and increase the tightness of the product. Produces high-fat, high-molasses products due to lower line speeds, while reducing noise during operation and component wear Reduce the loss of lubricant. This model is equipped with flat dies with various apertures and compression ratios between φ12-30mm to choose from. Users can choose flat dies with different apertures and compression ratios according to different needs to obtain the best technology and economic benefits.

1. Dry in and dry out, no drying required. Adopt differential, universal joint transmission, low energy consumption, high output and easy operation.
2. Using cold-press forming technology, polishing and shaping process, beautiful appearance, simple and compact structure, wide applicability, small footprint and low noise.
3. Using multiple extrusions, high output, low energy consumption, low noise, low failure, strong fatigue resistance of the machine, continuous production, economical and durable
4. The flat die granulator is equipped with a variety of aperture molds, which are suitable for granulating different materials and achieve the best effect.
5. The flat die granulator adopts special high-quality materials and advanced connecting shaft transmission device. The key components are made of high-quality alloy steel and wear-resistant materials, and heat-treated in a German vacuum furnace, which prolongs the service life by 5-7 times.

Performance Parameter
Model Capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Particle size (mm) Particle Density (g/cm) Applicable material moisture content (%) Weight(kg) Dimensions(LxWxH)(mm)
SZPM200 80-120 11 6-8 1.1-1.4 15-21 280 1000x600x1000
SZPM300 200-350 15-22 6-12 1.1-1.4 13-21 450-530 1200x600x1300
SZPM400 400-600 30 6-12 1.1-1.4 13-21 680 1400x800x1400
SZPM500 800-1000 55 6-16 1.1-1.4 13-21 2300 1800x1000x1550
SZPM800 1800-2100 132 6-16 1.1-1.4 13-21 3300 2800x1600x1550
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