Czech Blended Fertilizer Production Line

11 Apr , 2022

Czech Blended Fertilizer Production Line

The single-bag batching BB fertilizer production line adopts automatic instrument control, integrating batching, mixing, packaging and other production processes. The batching, mixing and packaging are integrated, which solves the material segregation phenomenon caused by the different specific gravity and particle size of materials in ordinary equipment, and improves the batching accuracy.

Advantages of blended fertilizer production line:

1. It is suitable for single-bag ingredients, single-bag mixing and single-bag packaging, and can be equipped with 5~15 tons per hour;

2. There are many kinds of ingredients, which can be matched with 4~6 kinds of materials;

3. The formula can be changed at any time according to the user’s production needs;

4. There is no dead corner of hidden materials, and it is convenient to clean up after shutdown;

5. It has the function of on-site or remote monitoring system, and is connected to a large screen to display the current recipe;

6. Small footprint, low power consumption, simple operation, easy maintenance, and reduced investment costs;

Structure and composition:

The structure consists of main equipment and external auxiliary equipment. The main equipment includes: automatic batching system, automatic mixing and mixing unit, automatic packaging unit, and control system; the external auxiliary equipment mainly consists of: conveyor, sewing machine, air pump, equipment platform, etc. composition.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for the production of high-concentration blended fertilizers (ie BB fertilizers) prepared by mixing elemental nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium granular fertilizers with other trace elements, pesticides, etc. in a certain proportion.