Cyclone Dust Collector


Model: XP200/XP300/XP400/XP500/XP600/XP700/XP800/XP900/XP1000/

Power: 5-15KW

Use: Dust off


Technical characteristics

The cyclone dust collector adopts tangential air intake and is equipped with an air intake guide plate. On the basis of the cloth cylinder filtration, the centrifugal dust removal effect is added, which improves the dust removal efficiency of dust removal; the use of special cloth to filter dust has good dust filtering effect; the fan, cloth cylinder Combined with the filter, it can shorten the wind network, simplify the process flow, and reduce the investment in wind network equipment.

The working principle of the cyclone dust collector:

The cyclone dust collector utilizes the effect of the peak of the velocity field distribution in the cyclone on the rise of the flue gas, and is equipped with a riser, a secondary separation chamber and an intermediate exhaust pipe. The flue gas swirls into the cylinder from the inlet at the designed speed, the dust is separated by centrifugal action, and the dust separated from top to bottom settles along the cylinder to the ash tank; the flue gas rises along the cylinder diameter of about 0.6 at the peak speed of the swirl, Part of the flue gas with high concentration of fine dust flows into the secondary separation chamber at high speed along the rising cylinder wall, and then returns to the cone through the bypass air duct. Enter the ash chute. The secondary separated flue gas is discharged from the outlet from the intermediate exhaust pipe. Since the ascending swirl velocity in the ascending cylinder is much higher than that in the main cylinder, the fine dust can be effectively separated twice. Greatly improve the overall dust removal efficiency.

The performance characteristics of the cyclone dust collector:

1. The tangential air inlet is adopted and the air inlet guide plate is added, and the centrifugal dust removal effect is added on the basis of the cloth cylinder filtration, which improves the dust removal efficiency of the dust collector; the dust removal efficiency is high. Exhausted air can generally be discharged directly
2. The use of special cloth is too dusty, and the dust filter effect is good; the work is stable, and it is easy to recycle dry materials. Equipment generally does not corrode.
3. The fan, cloth cylinder and filter are combined into one, which can shorten the wind network, simplify the technological process, and reduce the investment of wind network equipment.
4. It is convenient to adjust the spray interval.

Performance Parameter
Model Air volume (m³/h) Equipment resistance (Pa) Inlet velocity (m/s) External Dimensions (Cylinder Diameter × Height) Equipment weight (kg)
XP-200 370~590 800~2160 14~22 Φ200×940 37
XP-300 840~1320 800~2160 14~22 Φ300×1360 54
XP-400 1500~2340 800~2160 14~22 Φ400×1780 85
XP-500 2340~3660 800~2160 14~22 Φ500×2200 132
XP-600 3370~5290 800~2160 14~22 Φ600×2620 183
XP-700 4600~7200 800~2160 14~22 Φ700×3030 252
XP-800 5950~9350 800~2160 14~22 Φ800×3450 325
XP-900 7650~11890 800~2160 14~22 Φ900×3870 400
XP-1000 9340~14630 800~2160 14~22 Φ1000×4280 500
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