Chain Plate Type Compost Turner


Model: SZLBF-1A2/SZLBF-1A4

Power: 13-45kw

Material: Animal waste, plant branches and leaves.

Application: Organic and compound fertilizer processing


Technical characteristics

The chain plate type turning machine is an organic fertilizer pool type (trough type) chain plate fermentation turning device. The tank is as low as 2 meters from the ground and can reach 12 meters. The fermentation cycle is small, and the daily processing capacity and annual production capacity are large. There is no need to configure a high-pressure forced oxygen supply aeration system. The chain plate type turning and polishing machine evenly supplies oxygen to the material during the turning process. The oxygen supply penetration of the material layer is strong, and the aerobic fermentation is uniform, which can make the material move in the tank, and also It can be automatically discharged when the pile is collected, and the side of the fermentation tank can be equipped with a fixed copper sliding angle cable, which is safe, reliable, durable and easy to maintain. The chain plate type turning and throwing machine makes full use of the deep pool design to realize automatic discharge, and uses the limited ground area to use the harmless treatment of organic waste to achieve large-scale scale.

Structural features of chain plate turning and polishing machine:

The chain plate type turning and polishing machine has a compact structure and advanced technology. It utilizes the characteristics of some beneficial microorganisms that can promote the rapid decomposing of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure. , Deodorization, to achieve the purpose of harmless, resource and reduction treatment, low energy consumption and stable product quality. The intelligent and automatic control of the turning process of the fermented material makes the fermented material produce a certain turning displacement in the pool, and the material moves back in a continuous and progressive manner regularly in the pool, thus forming a continuous aerobic fermentation process. The chain plate type turning and throwing machine can be used together with the automatic feeding and automatic discharging equipment, realizing the multi-purpose of one machine, saving manpower and material resources (forklift feeding) and other processes.

The scope of application of the chain plate flipping machine:

The chain plate type turning machine is suitable for trough type aerobic composting of organic solid wastes such as livestock manure, sludge garbage, straw, etc. The walking system of the machine adopts the advantages of frequency conversion speed regulation, good adaptability to different materials, stable operation, high turnover efficiency, and deep tank operation, which can effectively shorten the fermentation cycle, improve production efficiency and product quality.

The advantages of chain plate flipping machine:

1. It adopts the pallet structure of chain drive and rolling support, which saves electricity and saves energy and is suitable for deep groove operations. 2. The flipping pallet is equipped with a flexible tensioning and elastic shock absorption system to protect the transmission system and working parts from working properly. 3. Removable wear-resistant curved tooth blades are installed on the flipping pallet, which has strong crushing ability and good oxygenation effect of the material pile. 4. When the chain plate type turning and throwing machine is turning, the material stays on the pallet for a long time, and is thrown at a high position, which is in full contact with the air and is easy to water. 5. Through horizontal and vertical displacement, the flipping operation can be realized at any position in the tank, which is flexible and flexible. 6. The lifting and lowering of the turning and throwing working parts is controlled by a hydraulic system, which is flexible and safe and fast. 7. The machine can be remotely controlled to move forward, traverse, flip and quickly retreat to improve the operating environment. 8. Optional trough-type raw material distributor, automatic discharge device, solar fermentation chamber and ventilation and aeration system, etc. 9. Equipped with moving machine to change grooves, one turning and polishing machine can realize multi-groove operation, saving investment. 10. Hydraulic device is adopted for lifting and lowering, and the turning depth can reach 1.8-2.0 meters. The vertical lifting height of the material can reach 2 meters, and it can stay in the air for a long time without aeration. The three fermentation tanks of other types of turning machines can do things with chain plate turning machines. 11. The key parts of the chain plate type turning and polishing machine such as: the chain adopts imported parts and is durable. 12. The chain plate type turning and polishing machine has a reasonable design, the motor consumes less power, and the transmission adopts a high-quality hard-surface gear reducer, which has low noise and high efficiency.

Performance Parameter
Model Power(kw) Turnover width (m) Walking speed (m/min) Turning and moving distance (m) Remote control distance (m) Capacity(m³/h)
SZLBF-1A2 13-27 2 0-6.3 3.1-3.5 ≤100 50-120
SZLBF-1A4 30-45 3.7 0-6.3 3.5-3.8 ≤100 150-300
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