Bucket Elevator


Model: NE15/NE30/NE50/NE100/

Power: 1.5-30kw

Use: Fertilizer Transferring

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Technical characteristics

Bucket elevator is a device that uses belt or chain as traction member to transport materials vertically. After the materials are put into the hopper through the vibrating table, the machine automatically runs continuously and transports upwards. The transmission speed can be adjusted according to the transmission volume, and the lifting height can be selected as required.

Working principle of bucket elevator:

The hopper collects material from the warehouse below. When the conveyor belt or chain is lifted to the top, it goes around the wheels on top and turns down. The hopper pours the material into the discharge port.

The performance characteristics of bucket elevator:

1. The driving power is small, and the inflow feeding, the induction discharging and the large-capacity hopper are densely arranged. There is almost no material returning and digging when the material is lifted, so the ineffective power is small.
2. The lifting range is wide. This type of hoist has less requirements on the types and characteristics of materials. It can not only lift general powdery and small granular materials, but also improve materials with greater abrasiveness. It has good sealing performance and less environmental pollution.
3. Long service life, the feeding of the elevator adopts the inflow type, no need to use a bucket to excavate the material, and there is little extrusion and collision between the materials. This machine is designed to ensure that the material is less scattered during feeding and unloading, which reduces mechanical wear.
4. Good operation reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation, and the trouble-free time exceeds 20,000 hours. High lifting height. The hoist runs smoothly, so a higher lifting height can be achieved.

Performance Parameter
Model Conveying Capacity (m³/h) Power Range (Kw) Maximum block degree of material (mm) Maximum lifting height (m)
NE15 5~16 1.5~4 40 35
NE30 15~30 1.5~11 55 45
NE50 30~50 1.5~18.5 60 45
NE100 70~110 5.5~30 70 45
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