BB Fertilizer Production Process

08 Apr , 2022

BB Fertilizer Production Process

This fertilizer granulator is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of compound fertilizer plants and fertilizer distributors. It adopts lifting tank feeding and mixer to load materials, and achieves almost zero waste. The main body adopts forward or reverse movement mode, and adopts built-in screw structure and three-dimensional structure to mix and convey materials.

Main Equipment:

The production line is mainly composed of batching system, belt conveyor, BB fertilizer mixer, packaging machine.

1. Batching system: The automatic batching system is mainly composed of a feeding system, a weighing device, a silo, and a conveyor belt. And the static batching system has both the speed of dynamic batching and the accuracy of ordinary static batching (0.2%). 2. Belt Conveyor: The working principle of the mobile elevating belt conveyor is the same as that of the ordinary belt conveyor. Because of the addition of lifting and moving devices, the mobile lifting belt conveyor has increased its superior mobility, and can be pushed or pulled by a power locomotive such as a forklift to a suitable location for loading and unloading according to the site conditions. 3. BB fertilizer mixer: This series of BB fertilizer equipment is a mixing equipment developed by our company. The outstanding advantages of this machine are that it has large mixing volume, convenient formula and strong pertinence. Moreover, the product is simple in structure, easy to operate, and easy to maintain, which greatly reduces equipment investment, thereby saving manpower, financial resources and energy consumption. 4. Packaging machine: Automatic packaging scale, also known as automatic packaging machine, can be divided into semi-automatic packaging scale and automatic packaging scale. The packaging scale is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packaging scale (consisting of storage hopper, feeder, weighing bag hopper, kneading mechanism, computer control, pneumatic execution part, etc.) and optional parts (conveyor, sewing machine/heat sealing machine). )composition. Using screw feeding, the material is forcibly discharged by the feeding mechanism.

Advantages of BB fertilizer production line:

1. The single-bag mixing method is adopted, which is easy to control the materials in each bag, and the mixing uniformity is high. 2. The design of the spiral section of the mixing section is reasonable, the stirring is uniform, and the speed of material in and out is fast; 3. Computer automatic batching/kneading/packaging is integrated, using the twisting cage feeding method, which occupies a small area, requires less labor and less investment. 4. The whole equipment is made of stainless steel, which has corrosion resistance and long service time. Features of BB fertilizer production line: 1. Suitable for uniform mixing of various solid powders 2. Granular raw materials cannot be broken during the stirring and mixing process 3. Productivity is 4~5t/h 4. Material mixing uniformity meets technical requirements 5. Small pollution to the environment, in line with environmental protection requirements 6. The overall layout is beautiful, compact, and easy to operate and maintain 7. The equipment has low cost and good technical and economic performance