Automatic Quantitative Packer


Model: h-A50

Power: 2.2kw

Use: Packing


Technical characteristics

Automatic packaging scales, also known as automatic packaging machines, can be divided into semi-automatic packaging scales and fully automatic packaging scales. The packaging scale is mainly composed of automatic quantitative packaging scale (consisting of storage hopper, feeder, weighing bag hopper, kneading mechanism, computer control, pneumatic execution part, etc.) and optional parts (conveyor, sewing machine/heat sealing machine). )composition. Using screw feeding, the material is forcibly discharged by the feeding mechanism.

This packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of feed pellets, organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, ammonium phosphate, large-grained urea, porous ammonium nitrate, BB fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer and other mixed fertilizers.

Advantages of automatic packaging machine:

1. Adopt advanced microcomputer control instrument
2. Automatic error correction, out-of-tolerance alarm, automatic fault source diagnosis and other functions
3. The parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and have a long service life
4. The conveying motor adopts aluminum alloy stepless speed regulation type
5. Reserve a printer interface, which can print production data such as the number of packages and total weight
6. Reserve RS232 serial port for data communication with peripheral management system
7. Through the automatic control of the instrument, two-speed feeding is realized to ensure the cutting speed and accuracy
8. Manual bagging, double cylinder holding, high degree of automation, reliable work and simple operation
9. The instrument has high sensitivity, fast sampling speed, strong software function, and has standard interface, which can communicate with computer
10. Fast weighing speed, accurate measurement, digital display, intuitive and easy to read, stable and reliable, easy to maintain
11. The control cabinet adopts a sealed form, which is suitable for harsh dust environment

Performance Parameter
Model Function Material Type Voltage Power Bag Size Packing Speed(bag/minute) Weight Overall Size Degree of Automation
h-A50 Packing Pellets 380V 3kw Prefabricated 3-4 600kg 2000mm*800mm*2500mm Fully Automatic
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