Advantages of Henan Shunzhi Organic Fertilizer Aerobic Fermentation Turner

28 Aug , 2021

Henan Shunzhi is a well-known manufacturer of compound fertilizer equipment and organic fertilizer equipment in China. Tongda manages in strict accordance with ISO9001-2000 quality system certification standards. In the production of organic fertilizer production lines, Henan Shunzhi has strong strength, technical force, and cold and hot processing capabilities. We have a high-quality workforce, a CAD design center, high-precision processing equipment and a responsible after-sales service team. Henan Shunzhi provides customers with professional process design, equipment production guidance, installation and commissioning.

Advantages of Henan Shunzhi Organic Fertilizer Aerobic Fermentation Turner:

1. There is no need to configure a high-pressure forced oxygen supply system. The machine can evenly supply oxygen to the material without dead ends during the turning and throwing process. The oxygen supply penetration of the material layer is strong, and the aerobic fermentation is uniform, so that the material can be translated in the tank. It can also be automatically discharged when the pile is collected. The side of the fermentation tank can be equipped with a fixed copper sliding angle cable, which is safe, reliable, durable and easy to maintain.

2. The innovation of the machine is that it can realize automatic discharge by making full use of the deep pool design, and the use of the limited ground area to use the harmless treatment of organic waste on a large scale has become a reality.

3. The structure is compact and the technology is advanced. The use of some beneficial microorganisms can promote the rapid decomposing of organic wastes such as livestock and poultry manure, and the unique pool-type continuous aerobic fermentation technology is used to quickly decompose, dewater, sterilize, and decompose organic wastes. Deodorization, to achieve the purpose of harmless, resource utilization and reduction treatment, low energy consumption and stable product quality.

4. Intelligent and automatic control of the turning process of fermented materials, so that the fermented materials have a certain turning displacement in the pool, and the materials are regularly moved backwards in a continuous and equidistant manner in the pool, thus forming a continuous aerobic fermentation process.